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07:36pm 22/11/2004
mood: anxious
ok im back from the crazy house lol and im ungrounded wooohooo!! yay im excited!! and plus i get to go to allens!! whoop whoop! the gretty is forcing me to update and i really dont have ne thing to say other than umm i guess whats up yall should holla at me from time to time so i know im still loved lol!! ahh ok well im done i updated i love you all ~THE FAMILY~`~LAURIZZLE~

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hey long time!!!   
07:30pm 09/11/2004
mood: high
BYTCHES BYTCHES BYTCHES...WHAT THE FUCK IS UP!! long time what has been up yall need to holla at me sometimes!! i love you all my ber is really really sick:( that makes me sad and everyone else she is soo whiny hahah i love you!!! i miss you!! whoa everyone is like getting kicked out!!...donald is crazy!!! i was like whoa i miss you all welll thought i would drop in ~~the family~~ laurizzle~

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your lipstick his collar dont bother angel...   
10:33pm 10/10/2004
mood: crazy
Bitches Bitches Bitches what the fuck is goin on? not alot here kevizzles party was slammin like always props to the kevin i got to hang out with all my friends and the beautiful crystal long!! who i miss so very very much!! and the chance to! wow long time:P i just got off work its like 10:30 around in there like everyone came into wally world today lets see donald then there was nick then stacey and andy then josh and megan it was awsome seeing them had not talked/ seen them in a long ass time!! woohoo freakin mad crazy times crazy times!! well i finally met the summer!! she is pretty pimp her and her friend rhonda i think it was they were awsome props to them!!! it sux the steph is yet to be ungrounded!! wich suxx really bad!! well i think im going to bed i love you all ~THE FAMILY~ laurizzle

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say a prayer   
08:22pm 06/09/2004
mood: sympathetic
Wow heart breaking news today one of my best friends called me and she was cring histarically and i was like d whats wrong and she told me that her 2 year old littler boy austin david had drownd. The first kid that she actually didnt have a miscarriage with freakin drowns...so yeah we should all pray for her. i feel really bad cuz i couldnt go see her because she lives all the way in nashville now and i feel horrible because i wasnt there for her...i mean i should of been there..its really sad he was soo cute to. he was so little.. why does all this have to happen to her...it really isnt fair i mean gosh...on the up hand i did recieve news that one nof my friends that got taken away is good i got the address so i can write her and tell her how much i miss and love her cuz i havent talked to her in over a year..its really sad. alls my mom can say is look for the light through this and im really not seeing it dizamn..well besides the big bowl at the end of the tunnel but thats beside the point. Haha jessica got soo freakin stoned she army crawled down my neighbors stairs. she ran through my house with a cowboy hat on i thought i was gunna loose it...then she kept seeing a skool bus and i was like what are you talking about shes like the bus is here...well she enjoyed the stuff i got her for her bday so i was happy...woohoo holy crap me and kevin fliped on the quad then me and jess did for some reason i always am the one that gets thrown off:( bumer its actually starting to hurt...on the up hand not that there are two many of those lol i cleaned my room and did my school work my rents were impressed lol so was i i was like woha what the am i doing...lol:P well this weekend im debating going out to allens with one of my best friends but im a lil scared....because i dont know them that well and he doesnt really trust me..because he doesnt know me so i dont really want to go out there and have to be like all nice and quiet and shy and stuff cuz thats how i get if i dont know you...and it sux...so yeah not sure if i wanna do that or go rideing and chill with the fam....well people until tomorrow or whenever i decide to update again ~love lots~~laurizzle~

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the sun will fade...   
09:12am 31/08/2004
mood: mellow

ok well im at skool and i ahvent written in my live journal for a while thought i would say whats up to all my bitches and hoes in the hood or on the net one of the two....lol well yeah woohoo i might be able to see my hommie tonight im sooooooooo excited!!! woohooo nathan i love you:>well people i love you but i g2g ~the family~~laurizzle


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if it makes you less sad i would die by your hand....   
12:05pm 13/07/2004
  uhh today was fun a lil bit boreing but yeah....i got c3po back and now i have to give her away again because im going on a five day camping thingy so im gonna have my bestest maude cough cough of a cousin watch her while im gone i love you kevin...well i have to go to mrs.amber dales shindig tonight that should be fun.....shes a big 18 now woop woop but then i guess after that im gunna go to fenskes to crash her parentals are not home but we aint gunna do anything bad....we are good kids mmuhahaha growing up sucks i hate..it makes me kinda sick because we arent as crazy and as weird as we used to be its like its all different well not our friendships just the way we act we dont get into half as much trouble we are the people that run around to churches and scream hail satan we are more of the hang out type....aaaallllot different from what it used to be and it kinda makes me sick thinking about all of us actually growing out or this freaky dont give a fuck about anything life and going into the big world and it sucks like hardcore...meh like on lsc punks i guess everything comes to an end...every one has to grow up sometime...well anywayz i dont know...i woke up at 8 this morning then smacked my slef and went back to bed it made me laugh when i did wake up like a half hour ago muhaha....(kevin if you let anything happen to c3po ull die ok..) just letting you know that...so will someone please feel me in on kevin and crystal they flirt like crazy they like eachother god only knows why they arent together....and someone other than that tell me how a kid that was sooo against drugs and everything like that turnd into a lil riot kid?hmm anyone because i havent quite come to that conclusion yet..but it would be spectacular if someone woulf be kind enough to fill in the blanks well people i got to go ponder some more on the whole growing up process and call my hommie james so ill ttyl ~laura~  

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well i got one...   
04:29pm 11/07/2004
mood: sleepy
well i got a live journal are you happy....cough cough...crystal...well im not going to write much becaus ei dont want to .....bye bye~laura~

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